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Football Betting Tips Today

We suggest taking advantage of the best football predictions from our experts for betting on the most interesting matches of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers of the week. However, we recommend using additional analytics and statistics as well as exploring sports betting strategies to get better information. The bookmakers that we present usually offer before matches quite extensive statistical information about tournaments and participants in each event. Betting tips today is your chance to win!

Italy. Cup. Juventus - Lazio
Juventus to score a goal. 1st half
Odds 1.94
England. Premier League. Chelsea - Fulham
Both teams to score / Match total over 2,5
Odds 2.4
Spain. La Liga. Real Madrid - Valencia
Both teams to score
Odds 1.77
Brazil. Campeonato Paulista A1. Mirassol - Palmeiras
Handicap. Mirassol (0)
Odds 3.85
To help our visitors with the selection of events and odds of betting, we offer the highest rated free tips from sports betting analysts. We tried to pick the best betting tips today!
Italy. Cup. Juventus - Lazio

Italy. Cup. Juventus - Lazio

So for football bets on today's major tournaments, we suggest looking at information like this.

This match should be an exciting spectacle, turning into a battle, because it will be a serious test for both teams. The Turin side will be looking for an important win at home. After a 0-2 defeat to Monza in their last Serie A match, they will not want to repeat that disgrace again. Juventus under Massimiliano Allegri have scored 8 goals in their previous 6 games, or an average of 1.33 goals per game. They have only 2 losses in 10 games, and have conceded 4 goals in their last four.

On the other hand, the Romans will be looking to improve their standing through another win. Before that, Lazio and Fiorentina played to a 1-1 draw in a Serie A match. Lazio is unbeaten in their last 5 matches and has scored in all 6 games. Lazio has scored 10 goals in their last 5 games and conceded just 1 goal in the previous four.

Our experts predict that Juventus will lead already in the first half and it is possible that there will be a productive match.



England. Premier League. Chelsea - Fulham

England. Premier League. Chelsea - Fulham

So for football bets on today's major tournaments, we suggest looking at information like this.

Without Abramovich, Chelsea's new sponsors will be encouraged to level the playing field in this Friday's Premier League match against Fulham, which will be a rematch of two weeks ago when these teams met. A lot has happened since then, and Chelsea spent a lot of money in the January transfer window looking to get back into the race for a place in the Eurocups. The last time they played they drew 0-0 with Liverpool and there's not much to say about that match in general. Graham Porter, who has now got some new names in the squad, will be looking to quickly integrate them into his style of play, understanding that time is never on your side as a coach at Chelsea.

Fulham are a head above their rivals right now. They are in the top half of the table in 7th place and are successfully facing some of the top teams in the league. Two consecutive defeats to Newcastle and Tottenham may have left a bad feeling, but they have not moved the club down the table significantly. They will be looking to repeat the magnificent performance in the last game against the hosts, whom they beat 2-2 at the Raven Cottage.

In this match, all the pressure falls on the Blues. They broke the bank to try and salvage their disappointing season, and if they fail to secure a place in the Eurozone, it will be considered a huge fiasco. With the victory over Palace they showed that they can change the situation, and since Fulham could lose their guard in the last matches, and our experts believe that Chelsea may well find a loophole in the opponent's defense and win, which they need like air. 




About Football Tips

Many novice bettors are convinced that there is an optimal bet strategy and if you get to know it, you will always have a steady income. There is an opinion that this is the way all the bookies and tipsters use. Often it is about insider info. But to get to the bottom of this issue, we should say that there is No freely available insider information. It simply cannot be found on the Internet. In fact, tipsters and professional gamblers use only one effective way of making sports predictions - Analysis. It is the key to success for all betting experts without exception. No strategy or mathematical model can guarantee a betting success rate of even 10%. Tipsters, however, can boast of 25% or more successful bet prediction. Intuition certainly plays a role, but not a significant one.

Rather, it can be compared to a player's experience. The most important thing in betting is a detailed analysis of the event. Players must study all the nuances that can affect the course of the upcoming football match in any way a sure bet of the day.

First, the stats are studied. It takes all sorts of indicators and results of the opponents.

Then the degree of physical and psychological preparation of the opponents is determined. If we are talking about football teams, we need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of all members of each team. If there have been injuries, it is important to determine the rehabilitation time, current readiness, the likelihood of that player taking the field, his replacement, etc. In professional sport physical condition plays a decisive role. If one of your opponents is less fit, he has a much lower chance of winning the match.

As for psychology, the first thing to find out is the motivation of opponents from official sources.

This can be done from interviews with players and coaches, from the latest news, and even from athletes' posts on social media. If it has been a while since anyone in the team has been paid, there may be a problem with the willingness to play or go to the match.

From watching the videos you can determine the tactics of your opponents, the formation of your players and other important details.

This is all a time consuming analytical process. This is why tipsters do it professionally and and are ready to share the best football predictions.


What are the most popular Football Tips

These football betting tips are among the most popular events being used by bettors today. The information is provided by the bookmakers.

In order not to get upset at the very beginning of his career, bettor is better to limit itself to the beginning of Pre-match bets. These bets are safer and less stressful to the psyche, so they are sure to increase your chances of winning. We propose to focus on such bets.

Moreover, the World Cup 2022 in Qatar will surely bring many surprises. The best odds are likely to pass. Surely there are already quite a lot of bets on the World Cup for a place in the Group on "1st/2nd in their group", "1-3 Places in Group", "To reach knockout stage" and FIFA World Cup Qualifiers "To Reach Quarters/Semi-finals/Final". Use our betting tips, where our experts will offer you predictions for the most interesting matches of the World Cup matches.

Other most common types of football betting in Pre-match:

   - Full-Time Result (1X2)
   - Both Teams To Score
   - Total Goals (Under/Over)
   - Next Goal
   - Goal Interval


Guide To Football Betting

When you start betting on football, you will come across a number of different online sportsbooks. Some innovative bookmakers run specials and have only one goal - to give players the best odds in the sweetest match. They're coming up with new ways to win player loyalty. This competition will always be. They all offer a variety of betting choices and certain terms that are not always easy, but necessary for a beginner to get to grips with in order to play successfully and to place the best sure bet of the day. Let's take a look at the main ones:

   Betting Line

Betting odds posted by a bookmaker.


In English Odds (quotes) are used to calculate the profit associated with a bet. It represents the opposite of the probability of an outcome occurring. The lower the odds, the greater the probability of an outcome occurring:
   odds = 1 / Probability.


   European Odds

This is a quota in an integer or decimal number (example: 1,5 or 3,0). To calculate the profit associated with a European Odds, you must use the formula:
Profit = Amount staked* (odds -1).

   English (Fractional) odds

It's a fractional (example: 1/2 or 2/1). To calculate the profit associated with English Odds, you must use the following formula:
Profit = Amount staked* odds.

   American Odds

This is an odds which can be represented as a positive or negative number (example: -200 or 200). Negative odds indicate the amount bet for a 100 profit and positive odds indicate the profit corresponding to a 100 profit bet. To calculate the profit associated with American Odds, the following formulas must be used:
   Win = Amount Bet + Amount Bet* (100 / odds) for the negative (-) odds, or
   Win = Amount Bet + odds* (Amount Bet / 100) for positive (+) odds.

There are also other types of odds, such as Hong Kong, Malay and Indonesian types.



   Classic Handicap

A System which allows you to even out unbalanced confrontations by withdrawing points or goals to the favourite. Handicap bets can be offered in all sports but are most common in Rugby and American sports.

   Asian Handicap

A type of handicap that works in a similar way to a classic handicap but with specific rules. For example, it is not possible to bet on a draw.

   Single bet

A bet on a single event with only one pick. In case of a successful outcome, the bet amount is returned together with the profit determined by the following formula:
Profit = Amount bet* (odds -1)

In the case of a losing bet, the bookmaker keeps the bet amount.

   Multiple Bet (Accumulator)

A bet containing several picks. All picks must be correct to win the bet. The profit is determined by the combination of the different odds.

   Combined Multiple bet

This involves several picks at several events. Unlike a classic multi bet, the bet wins as soon as part of the predictions occur. There are many possible combinations: Yankee, Patent, Trixie, Goliath, Heinz, Flag and other

   Live bet

Bet on an event taking place. The odds vary greatly depending on the outcome.   

   Special bet

A bet that is not linked to the result of a sporting event. Bookmakers offer various special bets and show a great deal of imagination. For example: Who will be the next FC Barcelona manager?




Bet on whether the total number of goals is even or odd in a football match.

   Double chance

A single bet but two predictions on the same event. For example : bet on a home win or draw in a football match. Bet wins on a home win or draw.


This bet is based on predicting a certain number of goals/points that one Team or both Teams in a match will score. For example, football bets that the total number of goals scored by both Teams in a match will be more or less than the number stated in the line.

   HT/FT Result

Bet on the result of a match at half time and at the end of the game. The bet is only won if both predictions are correct.

For example: Arsenal vs Milan football match.

Bets can be placed as follows:
   1/1 (Arsenal win at half-time and win the match)
   X/1 (Arsenal draw at half-time and win the match)
   X/X (Draw at half time and end of match)
   2/1 (Milan wins at half time and Arsenal wins the match).


Betting on the total goals in a soccer match. Betting "Over" means betting on more than a certain number of goals and betting "Under" means betting on less than a certain number of goals.

   For example: in football, an over/under bet is proposed on 2,5 goals. An under bet wins if a maximum of two goals are scored and loses if 3 goals or more are scored during the match.

"Over/Under" is also offered for other sports like soccer and basketball for example.

   Minute events (yes/no)

Which comes first at (interval) minutes of the match. For corner kick, touch, goal or free kick and others.

   Next Goal

Bet on which team will score the next goal. It is also possible to bet on "no goal" (no more goals scored).

   Correct Score

Bet on the exact final score of the match.

   Player to Score

Whether a certain player will score a goal in a match.

   One or both teams score

   Penalty (yes/no)

   Both Teams to Get Red (Yellow) Cards

   First Goal Time

and more 



What types of Football Tips we you offer?

The market for football betting is pretty wide. All of the world's biggest bookmakers, including those represented here, have the most diverse range of bets imaginable. You can bet on the usual outcomes of matches, like Win a Team or the Correct Score, but also on the most exotic outcomes. For all these outcomes and many others, which will be discussed, we offer our football betting tips. In addition, we publish the most attractive odds and short reviews of matches.

What time do you post your Football Tips?

We try to publish football betting tips on top events. In football, these are usually the weekend matches of the leading European leagues and of course the battles of major tournaments such as Champions League, European Cup, World Cup result, but also matches of the CONFEDERATION AFRICAINE DE FOOTBALL and American tournaments. We will certainly give tips on TFF Tanzania soccer matches as well. Follow our announcements for better betting predictions!

In Basketball, we offer tips on the most exciting NBA games, in Cricket matches T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Champions League Twenty20, Asia CupT20, ODI. In Horse Racing, festival races Cheltenham, Royal Ascot, Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, LONGINES Breeders' Cup, Kentucky Derby and others.

What are the best bookies for Football Betting?

In trying to compile a list of the best football betting sites offered by online bookies, our experts have compared bookmakers on a number of factors in order to choose the best options based on bettors wishes.

For the novice bettor it is difficult to choose between many bookmakers, especially when there seems to be little difference between them. However, there are some really high quality bookies that offer unique offers, so it is worth joining them. These are bookies with interesting offers and options such as: Low odds Margins, Free Bets, Acca Insurance and Bonuses, Early Payout Offers, Live Streaming is preferred.

Market leaders include the following brands: 1xbet, Parimatch, bet365, William Hill, Bet Victor, 888sport, Ladbrokes, 22bet, Betfair.

Do you have Football specialists?

Yes, we have football experts with a long track record in betting. We also employ experts in other sports as well. Our football betting tips are the result of the work of only skilled Handicappers/Tipsters.

Should you pay for Football Tips?

Typsters usually have an excellent understanding of at least a particular league or championship and really have a wealth of information about the state in which all of its participants are in, know detailed statistics and carry out analysis. In contrast to Layman, such experts are able to have an edge over the Betting Line, which is also made by super-professionals in betting.

But the problem is that finding a really smart tipster, who is a real professional and knowledgeable specialist, is not as easy as you might think. It is hard to find reports on their work and check their predictions. Such data may well be embellished or even falsified. So you should think twice about whether you should pay a tipster or try to find something free, but with the best football prediction & tips.

These FREE tips can be found on our website!