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How to Win on Basketball Bets in 2023

Boston Celtics are the odds-on favorite to win the NBA title at +270 odds, followed by Milwaukee Bucks at +410 odds.

The Phoenix Suns have surged to third place in the Western Conference and possess a legitimate chance to win the championship this season.

SportsLine's model suggests betting against the total, projecting 144 combined points. That side of the spread has come up short in over 50% of simulations.

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics are one of the odds-on favorites to win the NBA title in 2023 and can be a good pick for basketball bettors looking to place their wagers. After making it to the Finals last season, they have been playing well so far this year with an impressive 31-12 record and leading the league in offensive efficiency.

They boast a talented core of Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Al Horford and Robert Williams who can all play an integral role in their success. Additionally, Malcolm Brogdon has recently joined the roster, giving them extra scoring depth and outside shooting from the point guard position.

Additionally, they possess a solid group of veteran players that will contribute to the team's future success. Their primary need is for an aggressive big man who can complement their formidable frontcourt and provide stability in the paint.

Another option the Celtics could look into is acquiring a floor-stretching forward with experience in the league. While Danilo Gallinari and other players provide valuable depth on the bench, they would benefit from having someone who can add another dimension to their offense by stretching the floor and creating more openings.

If the Celtics can secure one of these players, it could be their biggest asset as they strive to win the NBA title in 2023. They have a great chance at success but will need an additional star player on their roster in order to reach their championship potential.

Though it's too soon to declare the Celtics a favorite for the NBA title after the trade deadline, there are several teams that stand out as potential top picks to win it all in 2023.

Due to their blockbuster trades, the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks have all taken steps in that direction. All three teams are highly competitive and could potentially reach the Finals next year.

Milwaukee Bucks

This year, many teams can make a claim for the NBA title. While the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics are unquestionably in the race, one third team deserves special consideration: Milwaukee Bucks.

Since the start of the season, the Bucks have gone on a tear, winning 10 straight games to remain unbeaten in the Eastern Conference and sit atop the conference standings.

Milwaukee boasts a healthy roster, led by stars Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, that puts them in an advantageous position to make a deep run in the playoffs. Unfortunately, their streaky stretch could prove costly as they aim for success this postseason.

Their recent win against the Los Angeles Clippers was only their fifth in 20 games. Unfortunately, this team has failed to cover as an underdog in four games this season, making them somewhat of a risk for those looking for value betting opportunities.

They have also been prone to injuries, which can negatively impact their performance. On March 2, Brook Lopez suffered a knee injury and it dealt a huge blow to the Bucks' confidence; similarly, Jrue Holiday's absence also had an impact on them.

Even with their recent struggles, the Bucks remain a top contender to win the NBA title. Their star player Antetokounmpo is an MVP candidate and they possess an elite defense that can withstand even against top offensive teams.

Their other players can also contribute, particularly their defenders. Brook Lopez and Jrue Holiday are two of the league's best defenders, contributing to Milwaukee's 3rd best defensive rating.

Their offense is led by Antetokounmpo and Middleton, who are both averaging double-digit points per game this season while shooting over 40% from the field. If these two can continue playing this well in the playoffs, Milwaukee will be an impressive team; many predict them as a favorite to win the NBA title in 2023 with this lineup.

Phoenix Suns

Basketball betting in the NBA can be highly profitable. To do so, simply identify which team in your league and then use statistical analysis to beat the odds and win big.

This season, the Phoenix Suns have been a top betting choice, leading the NBA with 49 wins and 5.5 games ahead of second-place Golden State Warriors. Their roster of All-Star players such as Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and Kevin Durant is another major reason why they are considered one of the favorites to win the NBA title in 2023.

After a season filled with injuries to key players, the Suns made a dramatic turnaround by trading Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson and Jae Crowder for two-time finals MVP Kevin Durant and T.J. Warren early Thursday morning in an agreement that drastically altered their course.

Now, the Suns boast one of the NBA's elite starting lineups. Kevin Durant - a superstar with an exceptional work ethic - leads this group and is joined by All-Star point guard Devin Booker and center Deandre Ayton for a potent combination.

Though this team may not be perfect, it's worth taking a look due to their impressive lineup and impressive NBA history. Plus, they're led by a coach who has won an NBA title!

With so much talent on this roster, it's no surprise that the Phoenix Suns are currently the favorites to win the NBA title at +410 odds with DraftKings Sportsbook. Their squad features a host of stars and they're led by an All-Star Game coach with an impressive track record in winning championship games.

If the Suns can find consistency in the second half of this season, they have a great opportunity to take another step forward and return to the postseason. Even without Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, this all-star cast of talented players can step in and fill any void left by Devin or Kevin.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have become one of the NBA's most dominant teams, winning four titles and reaching five Finals in eight years. Led by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and a talented young squad, these Warriors could make another run at the Larry O'Brien trophy in 2023.

Despite a difficult start to the season, the Warriors have been one of the top teams in the NBA since 2012. Their record is the best in the league and they rank fourth for points per game with an impressive average.

They boast an impressive young core and veteran roster with stars like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins. Additionally, Kevon Looney, Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr are key role players on the team; Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody should provide them with depth.

In their most recent matchup against the Phoenix Suns, the Warriors lost a close game 116-120 in overtime. However, they have won their last four games overall and cover in four straight outright predictions.

The Warriors have been the clear favorites to win the NBA title with +270 odds in 2023 and remain the team to beat in the Western Conference. Their odds are significantly lower than those of rivals Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns.

Though their odds may be against them, the Warriors have still managed to win more playoff games than any other team in the West. Their playoff record is the best in NBA, making them a solid contender to capture their fifth title.

Their odds of advancing in the NBA Finals were slightly reduced when they won their opening series against the Denver Nuggets, but since then they haven't lost a game and remain as the top seed in West. Their chances of success in these playoffs stand at an impressive 24.3%.

The Warriors are a likely favorite to win the 2023 NBA title at +270 odds and they are favorites in their home game against Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night. After winning four straight home games, they should continue improving as they build upon their championship momentum.