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E-Sports 2023

No matter if you're a casual gamer or an expert competitor, E-sports offers the ideal way to pass time. Not only does it give you your gaming fix, but there are also numerous other advantages such as hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and the chance to be noticed by some of the biggest names in esports.


E-sports are on the rise around the world, with many tournaments offering generous prize pools. No matter if you're an enthusiastic fan or just a casual observer, following along is easier than ever with top esports streams available - 46.2 million viewers in just the US alone estimate to watch E-sports annually!

In 2022, League of Legends was declared the most popular e-sport in terms of player base and viewership. Riot Games held the League of Legends Worlds 2022 tournament which set records in both categories. In 2023, Riot has announced they will host another League of Legends World Championship - this time taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The e-sports scene is always exciting, and fans can look forward to some major matches in 2023 as well. In recent years, there have been dozens of major events around the world that draw out top players to compete for grand titles.

Watching e-sports tournaments is a traditional option, and one of the most popular ways is via TV. Some e-sports leagues are collaborating with traditional broadcasters such as ESPN or BBC to stream their events live on their channels. This is an effective way to draw in casual e-sports fans and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, it helps the industry reach out to 'couch' fans who may never have encountered e-sports before.


E-sports 2023 promises to be an exciting year for competitive gamers. With the League of Legends World Championship, second Rocket League global tournament of the season and Valorant Champions Tour coming up, there are a plethora of great events to look forward to.

The World Championship is the premier esports event of the year, offering a generous $1 million prize pool to its winner. This year's tournament will see 16 teams compete for the title instead of eight as in previous years.

With this new format, teams from different regions will compete against one another. It promises to be an interesting experiment for the World Championship, so let's see how it pans out!

When two teams are tied at the top of their standings, we'll use head-to-head records as our first tiebreaker. If both teams originate from similar regions, this can be calculated quickly; however, if they come from different zones it may prove more challenging.

Our next tiebreaker is Total Major Points. This is the total number of SI points each team has earned throughout this season's Majors. If that doesn't settle the issue, we'll move onto two other tiebreakers: Percentage of matches won in Regional Leagues and Map Win Rate.

This last one is more complex as there are multiple methods for calculation, but it's definitely worth investigating. It provides a useful way to decide who stands above other teams in the Global Rankings.

This year's League of Legends World Championship promises some thrilling matches and some incredible teams. North America's Gen.G has been announced for the competition, defending their title they won in 2022.

Karmine Corp and team Liquid from Europe are expected to participate, while fellow NA teams G2, FaZe, Version1 and Spacestation Gaming may also be strong contenders.


The esports industry, like many others, is affected by global events. In 2022, developments such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine disrupted the industry and its players. Nonetheless, analysts anticipate that esports will experience continued growth in value and revenue over the coming years.

In 2023, mobile esports will continue to be a major factor. Reports indicate that global audiences for mobile esports could surpass 2.3 million viewers by then.

With the growing number of esports teams, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. However, some organizations seem to be performing better than others in this space - one such team being Global Esports.

Despite their success, the organisation is currently exploring ways to strengthen their financial model. As such, they have reset existing sponsorships and are now beginning new conversations with current partners ahead of the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN tournament in Sao Paulo.

This move is a positive development for the esports community, as it guarantees all teams equal opportunities to make money through participation. Furthermore, it helps foster an equitable ecosystem where sponsors and organisations are more likely to act fairly towards players they work with.

Though esports is still in its early days, it will be fascinating to watch how the industry develops over time. There are several trends that could shape its direction by 2023, such as youth interest in esports, the development of new sectors within esports, and increased viewership on Twitch.

It is also possible that some esports professionals might turn to streaming as a means of making additional income. This trend has already been observed in the CS:GO and League of Legends sectors, but could extend further across other sports as well.

Ultimately, the future of esports looks bright in 2023 as long as organisations create sustainable business models and do not make hasty financial decisions. Individuals such as tournament admins, social media managers and casters are constantly fighting for their rights and share of the pie - these individuals are what drives esports forward in the first place!