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NFL Playoff Odds - Against Spread 2023

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs is always one of the most thrilling weekends of the year. This year's lineup boasts four exciting matchups, including an NFC East showdown and the latest chapter in one of football's oldest rivalries.

No doubt, Philadelphia and Kansas City is the most captivating matchup. That's because both teams are underrated.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs are two of the NFL's top teams this season, as well as being two of the teams competing in this weekend's Super Bowl - a matchup that promises to be one of football's greatest ever games.

The Eagles are favored in this game by -130, meaning you must wager $130 on them to win $100 back. That makes Kansas City the slight favorite, though their record of 14-3 this season and only one loss in the second half suggest they could easily pull off an upset.

They boast an impressive defense, however, which has limited opponents to just one point per 2:00 of possession in the last three games. That pace is much slower than their typical pace, but nonetheless a positive sign for the Eagles.

In terms of offenses, the Eagles appear to be a better bet than their rivals this season due to their impressive rushing touchdown percentage. Furthermore, they could potentially score first touchdowns against an increasingly vulnerable Kansas City Chiefs defense that ranks 19th in passing yards allowed and has allowed the most touchdown passes this season.

However, they could be hindered by their run defense, which has allowed an average of 115.3 yards per game this season but has improved considerably in the postseason. Furthermore, Kansas City has not rushed for more than 100 yards in any of their last four games.

Chiefs will need to rely on their defense in this game, but they cannot afford to become complacent. They need to get after Philadelphia Eagles' quarterbacks and make them miss, especially Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs do not boast a robust running attack this season, but they do possess some weapons that can generate plenty of yardage with their catches. Look for Isiah Pacheco to play an important role in this game as his rise as an offensive weapon is expected to take the pressure off Mahomes.

Total: 505

Though there are fewer players on the field than a full house, that doesn't mean they are all playing blindfolded. In fact, several key players have been given breaks this week; two cornerbacks and an outside linebacker stand out among notable absences. On the opposite side of the field there are some noteworthy omissions as well; two of the more important offensive lines and an important running back have been left off the roster.

Football requires real-time evaluation to measure a player's skill set. This involves looking at stats and assessing how much each player contributes to the team's success on the field. While this can be time consuming, it becomes necessary when games are close to playoffs. Utilizing an objective rating system helps you compare each player's strengths against that of their competition, helping you make informed decisions when selecting starters or backups from amongst all those available.

Line: Eagles 15

Super Bowl LII features a stellar Super Bowl line as two of the top five offenses in the NFL head to Soldier Field for an intense battle. With only 1.5 points separating these teams on the spread, this could be an excitingly close contest that could come down to the wire.

Football Outsiders' pass-defense DVOA metric this season had Philadelphia as the top-ranked team, meaning they've held opponents to just over 200 yards per game. Kansas City, on the other hand, is ranked in the top ten for passing offense and thus gives Philadelphia an edge in this matchup.

Both offensive lines had strong seasons this season, with the Eagles O-line ranking among the top five units according to PFF's data. Although the Bears O-line had a weaker year overall, they still rank among the top five due to their impressive pass protection.

If the Eagles can stay ahead of the Bears and prevent Jalen Hurts from having to throw for many yards, they should be able to run the ball effectively and secure a victory. That's because their elite running game ranked fifth in yards per carry this season.

Their defense has been a strength this season, ranking second in total yards allowed. They boast an elite secondary that can force tight windows and dismantle a Bears defense that has struggled to contain the pass this season.

This game promises to be an epic coaching battle, as both Nick Sirianni and Andy Reid have been formidable forces this season. Despite not making it to Super Bowl 50, Sirianni boasts a remarkable resume with the Eagles and is likely a contender for Coach of the Year honors at the end of it all.

His record against the spread isn't nearly as impressive, and he's just 1-5 ATS in his career with extra downtime. That makes him a major reason why the Eagles are favored by 2.5 points in this game, but that won't stop them from pulling off an upset.

For the Eagles to have any chance at victory in this game, they need to play at their highest level. Without that, the Bears can put up plenty of points on the board. Plus, they'll have to deal with losing Darnell Mooney, their top pass catcher, which makes it even harder for them to come out victorious.


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